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“Manifesto: Downtown Houston” - Video By Robot (Commercial)

“ Happy Birthday Papa” - Partners in Cinema (Short Film)

“Brunch” - Bentertainment (Short Film)

“Petals & Stems” - Allison Week (Short Film)

“EVA-23” - Space City Films (Documentary)

“The Cabin” - Amanda Dianne (Short Film)

“Al B - Free” - HUZU Productions (Music Video)

Good Day Houston Intro” - KHOU (Commercial)

“CPL Loyalty” - The Company (Commercial)

“Direct Energy Spots” - The Company (Commercial)

“Chris Crofton: Love Letter” - Onion Creek Productions (Music Video)

“Tuoro: X3 Spots” - Storyville (Commercial)

“Mister Sparky” - The Company (Commercial)

“Wild Child: Follow Me” - Onion Creek Productions (Music Video)

“Wild Child: Expectations” - Onion Creek Productions (Music Video)

“Wild Child: The One” - Onion Creek Productions (Music Video)

"Sanitatum" - Crew Included, Sanitatum Films LLC (Feature Film)

"Star Furniture: Star Stories Campaign" - Deutser, PopVideo, StoryVille (Commercial)

"Abide" - Vernon-McKee (Short Film)

"Nikko Dermatology" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Commercial)

"Obliteration of Reality" - ShapeAgency (Music Video)

"Sydney Wright: You Can Stay" - ShapeAgency (Music Video)

"Craig Biggio's Sports Bar" - YesAnd Creative (Commercial)

"The Isaac Sisters: The Feeling" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Court Side Jones: Trailer, S02E01 - Hartbeart Productions (TV Series)

"James Julian: Rising Sun" - Diego Lozano Films (Music Video)

"Resurreccion: Volando" - Orlando Briones (Music Video)

"One Hour: Air Conditioning and Heating" - YesAnd Creative (Commercial)

"Angelo Dorsey: Stay" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Touchnote" - USA Studios, Official (Commercial)

"Kingwood: Town Center" - Orlando Briones, Droneworks Studios (Commercial)

"Texas Children's Hospital: Extra Ordinary" - Chase Rees (Commercial)

"The Digital Wild: Wait" - Diego Lozano Films (Music Video)

"Ryde" - 100MM Studios (Commercial)

"Intel: Shooting Stars Superbowl LI Halftime Show" - Pepsi, Official, Normal.TV (Commercial)

"Like Old Times" - OxPictures (Promotional)

"Endeavor Communications: Cloverdale" - YesAnd Creative (Commercial)

"Luke Whitney: Food and Napkins" - OxPictures (Music Video)

"University of Minnesota: Golden Gophers" - FusionSports, Orlando Briones, Droneworks Studios (Virtual Reality, Promotional)

"1040 Not So EZ" - Cinemahill Productions, Ox Pictures (Feature Film)

"Endeavor Communications" - YesAnd Creative (Commercial)

"Fly" - DroneFly (Promotional)

"Ledge Loungers at the Sovereign" - VideoByRobot (Commercial)

"Marco Specialty Steel" - Imaging Studios (Commercial)

"Wazeer: Bad" - Kristin Massa (Music Video)

"Sharvee Hair" - Ox Pictures (Promotional)

"UMBC Home Visitors Training Program" - YesAnd Creative (Corporate)

"SLOOOM: Control" - Diego Lozano Films
(Music Video)

"KSA: Party" - Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Will Carter: Press Kit" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Promotional)

"T-Wayne: Band It" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"T-Wayne: Legendary" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Macy Medford: I'm Done" - Orlando Briones, Peer Tracks (Music Video)

"Candy Fernaux: Beauty Ain't Cheap" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"J Cass ft. Bizzy Bone: Wrapped Up" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Angelo Dorsey: Don't Fall In Love" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Angelo Dorsey: For The Record" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"T-Wayne ft. Angelo: Kylie Jenner" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"ACME: Brickhouse" - HFX Films (Commercial)

"Houston Plant and Garden World" - Imaging Studios (Commercial)

"Greed" - Robby Martinez (Short)

"The Chase" - Ivy Liao (Short)

"Lyrass: Gold" - David Nguyen (Music Video)

"Santa Rita Ranch" - YesAnd Creative (Commercial)

"Hot Under The Blue Color with Mike Rowe" - YesAnd Creative (Webisode)

"Somebody's Darling" - Sharad Patel (Feature Film)

"Spuf Don ft. Travis Scott: Far" - Philip Sexton (Music Video)

"Dimaiores: Crazy American" - David Nguyen (Music Video)

"Trevor Jackson ft. Iyn Jay: Turn Down" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"RNAtheMESSENGER: American Dreams" - Diego Lozano Films (Music Video) 

"Rotten" - Dallas Box (Short)

"Myles Wealth Management" - Stage 6 Media (Commercial)

"Vo Dao" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Promotional Trailer)

"Will Carter: I Don't Know Why" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Law Abiding Angels" - Yus Marto (Short)

"Trevor Jackson ft. Kevin Gates: Bang Bang" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"The Test" - Loris Simon (Short)

"Suicide Heights" - Ricardo Amell (Short)

"AC-23" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Short)

"Fool's Gold" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Short)

"Salem: Magnetic" - Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"The Wheel Workers: Whole Other World" - Jerry Ochoa (Music Video)

"YAK Boy Fresh: Don't Laugh At My Dance" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"The Fight" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Short)

"Just Brittany: Fleek" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"The Wheel Workers: Burglar" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Zack Knight: Nakhre" - Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Soul Brother: The Immigrant's Purpose" - David Nguyen (Music Video)

"Just Brittany: A Drug Called Love" - Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Music Video)

"Stewart Cadillac" - KUBE-TV (Commercial)

"Tailored" - Shawnie Grant (Promotional x 3)

"Ghost Wrider"- Ox Pictures, Huzu Productions (Short)

"Pushing Out Daisy" - Alison Week (Short)

"The Anchorage" - Jason Bryne (Short Documentary)

"Gulf Coast Centrifuge" - Video By Robot (Promotional)

"DeLorean: Picture Me Swangin' (Texas Remix)" - Phil Sexton (Music Video)

"Access Healthcare Connecticut" - Fuse Advertising, Directors Cutt Media (Commercial)

"The Wheel Workers: Yodel" - David Nguyen (Music Video)

"Chaser Strips" - Video By Robot (Commercial)

"HEB: Miner" - Video By Robot (Training Video)

"Ledge Loungers" - Video By Robot (Commercial)

"Right There: Ojae Edikan" - David Nguyen (Music Video)


“IBM Documentary“ - The Mill (Documentary)

“Toyota 50th Anniversary“ - Pursuit, Ponte Pictures (Commercial)

“American Family Insurance“ - BBDO, Park Pictures (Commercial)

“Acid Test“ - Acid Test LLC (Feature Film)

“SK-II“ - Forsman & Bondenfors Pte. Ltd., Stink Films (Commercial)

“SK-II“ - WPP Black Opps, Passion Pictures (Commercial)

“Gatorade“ - TBWA/CHIAT/DAY, Park Pictures (Commercial)

“Chevy Houston“ - Commonwealth/Mccann, Hudson General Public (Commercial)

“Optima Batteries“ - Heavy Metal Concepts (Commercial)

“Megan The Stallion - Apple Music“ - Happy Place (Commercial)

“HPE“ - Something Different, Station Films (Commercial)

“Toyota 50th Anniversary“ - The Friedkin Group, Ponte Studios (Corporate)

“Juul“ - JUUL, AMD Films (Commercial)

“Reebok“ - Iris, Zine Productions (Commercial)

“Love is Eternal (VFX Unit)“ - Paradisus Dei (Corporate)

“Life Flight“ - Ward and Ames (Corporate)

“Adidas“ - Pretty Bird (Commercial)

“Community Health Choice“ - Langrand, Picture North (Commercial)

“Banded Fuel DGD“ - Campbell-Ewald, Farm League (Commercial)

“iFly“ - Greatest Common Factory (Commercial)

“Don Julio“ - Anomaly, Greenspoint Pictures (Commercial)

“IC Bus“ - Engine Works Films (Corporate)

“DOW - Produce Rescue“ - Landor/Kettle, The Reserve Creative Group, LLC (Commercial)

“UTMB“ - SMP, Optimus (Commercial)

“Head & Shoulders“ - SAATCHI NY, MJZ (Commercial)

“Facebook Fundraiser: FB1B“ - The Studio, Voyager (Corporate)

“Ryan Reviews Toys“ - Lorem Ipsum, Texas Production Team (Corporate)

“Kroger“ - Kroger Advertising, Kroger (Commercial)

“Houston Methodist Hospital“ - Wongdoody, RSA Films (Commercial)

“Koraline“ - Kilo Films

“Adidas #18038” - 72&Sunny, SuperPrime, Lost Planet Editorial (Commercial)

“ESPN + StateFarm #18025” - ESPN CreativeWorks, Translation, ArtClass (Commercial)

“Palau” - Luis Palau Association (Feature Film)

“The Woman's Hospital of Texas #18169" - Landgrand, Greenpoint Pictures" (Commercial)

“Travis Scott ft. Drake: SICKO MODE #ODE-1850”- Epic Records, FreeNJoy, Arcade Editorial, MOD, Company 3 (Music Video)

“Houston Methodist Hospital #2188-18” - WongDoody, RSA Films (Commercial)

“Adidas #18081A” - Kamp Grizzly (Commercial)

“HEB #446-18” - The Richards Group, Sugar TV" (Commercial)

“Office Depot #9330” - Middle Mile, Assembly Films (Commercial)

“Texas Ford Dealers #JJ2018“ - GTB, VRA (Commercial)

“Parents Empowered: Every Family #DABC125” - R&R Partners, Two Shot West (Commercial)

"Epidiolex" - Decibel, Abelson Taylor, Arpen Productions (Commercial)

"Kroger: World Cup Soccer #6587-1" - Kroger Advertising, Kroger

“MD Anderson Cancer Center #21807” - The Richards Group, Wondros (Commercial)

“HTS USAA: Memorial Day with Justin Verlander” - Igniition Creative (Commercial)

“Listing Liberties Veterans PSA” - A+E Networks (Commercial)

“Golden Nugget Casino” - ZenFilm (Commercial)

“ExxonMobil #180302” - The Cheshire Company (Corporate)

“Valero #21803” - Believe, Campbell Ewald (Commercial)

“Chingo Bling feat. Prince Rick and Aubrey Mikel: Chipz N’ Salsa” - Filmatic (Music Video)

“Philips 66: Mobile Pay is Here #PHIL0218” - VML, Fueld Films (Commercial)

“John Moore #17JMS001” - Whole Wheat Creative, Hornet Animations, Inc.

Serenity” - Global Road Entertainment (Feature Film)

“Budweiser: Don’t Just Drink Budweiser” - Vayner Productions (Commercial)

"Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here" - Funny or Die (Netflix Comedy Special)

“Casey Neistat: Abandoned Mall Turned Into Winter Wonderland” - DroneWorks, Samsung (YouTube)

“Shell: Heroes of Houston” - J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Big A Productions, TVMan, Inc. (Commercial)

"Cierra Ramirez: Covenant House" - Freeform: Pop-Up Santa, Scratch Creative, Marie Callender's (Commercial)

"Insperity" - Crew Included (Commercial)

"DICK'S Sporting Goods Presents: reVision FC" - Anomaly, Park Pictures (Commercial)

"Adidas: Calling All Creators #85184" - 72andSunny, Imperial Woodpecker, Exile Editorial, MPC LA (Commercial)

"MLB Houston Astros + New York Yankees Player Profiles" - FOX Sports (Commercial)

"Day For Night 2017" - Free Press Summer Fest (Live Event)

"Journey" - OC Films (Feature Film)

"Chase: Charge Ahead #5-02" - Vayner Productions (Commercial)

"Francesca's: New Employee Welcome Video" - Full Media Jacket (Corporate)

"Sanitatum" - Crew Included, Sanitatum Films LLC (Feature Film)

"Kingsford Charcoal: Vince Wilfork Farewell Tailgate" - Tane Digital Video (Commercial)

"Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Texmark" - PIA Agency (Corporate)

"Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Michael Park" - AdCetera, Abernethy Media Professionals (Corporate)

"Neches Federal Credit Union: I Am Neches" - PGPIX (Commercial)

"Beats by Dre: Be Heard (Houston B Unit)" - Cycle (Commercial)

"Emcare: Unsung Heroes" - RHI Communication LLC (Commercial)

"Rolling Stone: Houston Live Red Carpet Party" - Rolling Stone, CutToCreate (Live Event)

"Verizon: Drew Brees S.T.E.M" - RG/A, B-Reel (Commercial)

"Ryde" - 100MM Studios (Commercial)

"Intel: Shooting Stars Superbowl LI Halftime Show" - Pepsi, Official, Normal.TV (Commercial)

"Chingo Bling: They Can't Deport Us All!" - Mitu (Netflix Special Feature)

"PGA Reach: Jhett Skaggs" - Ideas United (Commercial)

"Day For Night 2016" - Free Press Summer Fest (Live Event)

"Trolli: Beardsketball" - Society.TV, ZenFilm (Commercial)

"Outdaughered: Season 8" - TLC, Discovery Studios/Wilma TV, Inc. (Reality TV)

"Brother vs. Brother: Season 5" - HGTV, Scott Brothers Entertainment (Reality TV)

"30 for 30: What Carter Lost" - ESPN, Electric City Entertainment (Reality TV)

"SMSNA Health Expert" - Digitas Health Life Brands, Abbvie (Corporate)

"Travis Scott ft. Kid Cudi & Swizz Beatz: Wayback" - Happy Place Inc, Ox Pictures (Music Video)

"Beyoncé: The Formation World Tour 2016 Houston" - LDM WorldWide Group, SR Films, Done + Dusted (Live Event)

"Walmart #1682" - ZapBoomBang, Lopez Negrete (Commercial)

"Happy Endings" - 80C Productions, Full Media Jacket (Short)

"Macy Medford: I'm Done" - Orlando Briones, Peer Tracks (Music Video)

"Texas Medical Center: TMC3 Innovation Campus Fundraiser" - Ttweak (Corporate)

"Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Automate, Orchestrate" - Aniden (Corporate)

"Unsolicited" - Gabriela Anez (Feature Film)

"J Miguelo: No Digas Na" - Orlando Briones (Music Video)

"Trolli #16-014" - Society.TV, Periscope (Commercial)

"Acid Test" - Jenny Waldo (Short)

"The Baron In The Trees" - Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, Blue Ribbon Digital Media (Short)